Japanese Cabbage Salad

I haven’t made this Japanese Cabbage Salad for a

japanese cabbage salad

couple of years and decided to make it to have with our Christmas turkey supper.  In actual fact, we had it for lunch because I had to work the evening shift at work on Christmas Day, but at least I had some delicious left overs to take with me.

When we would get together for family gatherings, special family meals (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, for example) each family would bring their specialty plate.  This could be their deviled eggs, the dessert, salads, whatever.  One sister-in-law would bring the Tomorrow Salad, and another would bring this Japanese Cabbage Salad which I am highlighting today.

I like that the salad itself can be prepared ahead of time and the dressing added and mixed into the dish right before it’s time to eat.  Simple!  Just make sure you have a big enough bowl to mix the dressing in, as there is quite a bit of salad to work around.  The leftovers are just as tasty, but the noodles do not stay crunchy at all.  With the vegetables and almonds, though, there is still a lot of crunch.

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