Mars Bar Squares, try eating only one, I dare you!

When I make these Mars bar squares, I try and be good and cut Mars barthe cake with small portions….but I end up eating just as much as if the squares were big. It is easy to grab a few and snack on them, try eating only one, I dare you!

My friend Angel, who I met just this summer at a reunion, brought these squares and it was tough staying away from them. Only a few of the helpers in the kitchen knew where Auntie Fern hid them, and I was not so innocent! Thank you, Angel, for sharing with me. Continue reading “Mars Bar Squares, try eating only one, I dare you!”

Monster Cookies – Beware! Highly Addictive!

This recipe makes a lot of cookies (yields approximately 10 dozen, depending on the size of cookie you create), but they don’t last toomonster cookies! long ’cause they are so very highly addictive. These monster cookies  are packed with oatmeal and chocolatey goodness.  They are even better frozen…if they make it that far!

I have found that if I don’t have enough time to make the whole batch, I will bake what I feel up to that day, and save the rest of the dough in the fridge…or even freeze it.  When the dough cooks after being in the fridge or freezer, they do not flatten as much and stay more formed than if they were freshly mixed. Either way works great. Baking time may be the less time indicated, so just keep your eye on them at that time. Continue reading “Monster Cookies – Beware! Highly Addictive!”