Licking the bowl is the best!

Food is my absolute favourite thing.  I like the ingredients, the our youngest boyprocedures and preparing, the aromas, the licking of the bowls (if it’s baking, of course….not meat!)

This is my recipe book that I made from a photo album that I bought at Walmart.  It has two sleeves on each page that fit a recipe card just perfectly.  I love it.  It used to have a little strap on the side to keep it closed properly, but it slipped off because it is so full.  Oh well, no strap it is.

I have it sectioned off into categories, but not really very organized.  The beauty of it is that if my recipe bookI really decide it needs to be more organized, it wouldn’t take long to do it.  I have my desserts, cookies and cakes first.  Then the meats.  Then some miscellaneous recipes….then canning, and salads.  But I always seem to find what I’m looking for so as long as it’s not broken…

I watched Julie & Julia a few years ago and it became my top movie to watch.

It didn’t exactly inspire me to blog about my time in the kitchen per say, but I became more in tune with myself and really enjoyed it that much more.  I even made my husband buy me Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  He thought the movie was horrible, but he sure didn’t complain when he had a bountiful helping of Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon.

I can remember when my kids watched the movie with me and they kept repeating in her accent “boeuf bourguignon.”  It drove my husband crazy, listening to us all in our silly accents.  We had such a great time!

I also like my kitchen accessories, such as mixing bowls, blenders, and other gadgets.  My favourite mixing bowl is in shown below, that can be purchased at

my mixing bowls

Anyway, I hope there will be some good times had with your kitchen experiences, and if not, maybe you learned something with each time you attempted?